What is PUSH update technology and how does it differ from most Anti-Virus vendors' systems?


What is PUSH update technology and how does it differ from most Anti-Virus vendors' systems?




Network Box’s multi-award winning PUSH update technology ensures that every Network Box system in the world is updated in real-time, as opposed to once a day, or even once an hour, as with most traditional security systems. Whenever a new Anti-Malware signature, security patch, or software update becomes available, it is automatically pushed out to every connected Network Box system in the world, in an average of less than 45 seconds. This technology ensures the most up to date protection is running on every Network Box system, at all times.



Most Anti-Virus systems rely on the client system regularly connecting to a central server and pulling down signatures. This system has the vulnerability that any failure in the client software to connect to the central server will result in no updates been downloaded. Additionally these types of systems are often set up to check for updates every 24 hours at best. This means that your system can be vulnerable for a significant amount of time. Recent viruses such as fizzer and bugbear.b have taken only a few hours to spread world wide. The Network box 'PUSH' Technology works by the Security Operation Centre (SOC) actively pushing the update onto the client's network box. As an example, when our Anti-Virus partner Kaspersky issued the signature for the sobig.e virus, it was pushed to all Network Boxes around the world in 31 seconds.