2009 Hong Kong Awards for Industries

Network Box attains 2009 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technological Achievement Award !




Network Box was awarded 2009 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technological Achievement Award, due to the achievement of technology merits and intellectual property, great impact on the industry and market recognition of the technology and Network Box’s unique technology culture.

The Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on 18 January 2010. The Chief Executive of the HKSAR, The Honorable Donald Tsang, presented some of the awards to the winners in recognition of their excellence in industrial and service performance. Marine Or, the General Manager of Network Box, represented Network Box on stage to receive the trophy, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on that night.

The Hong Kong Awards for Industries was officially launched in 2005 by merging the former Hong Kong Awards for Industry and Hong Kong Awards for Services, established in 1989 and 1997 respectively, to rationalize and update the two awards. The merged Awards continue to recognize the outstanding achievements of Hong Kong enterprises in their move towards higher technology and higher value-added activities.

The key point for Network Box to success is that Network Box has transformed the industry by making enterprise grade security affordable for any company, without any need for additional staff or having to buy a rack full of hardware.

Network Box helps secure the computer networks of many of the world’s best-known organisations; including many key companies and government departments in Hong Kong. Rather than using a “do-ityourself” security platform, then trying to bolt-on additional management systems, the Network Box platform was designed as a managed security platform from day one.

Hackers and virus writers never sleep. New malicious and undesirable content is added to the Internet every minute of every day. Installing a security system and leaving it unmanaged and out-of-date is not enough. Only a complete, managed, and monitored security service is going to keep hackers, viruses, spyware, spam and undesirable content at bay.

Each Network Box system in the field is automatically monitored, managed and updated in real-time, and the award winning PUSH update system developed by Network Box, ensures any new updates are delivered to active systems around the world in an average time of just 45 seconds.

Network Box’s key Unified Threat Management Platform is developed, enhanced and added to, on an ongoing basis. During the past year, a new web based mapping system was developed to allow clients to see their systems in real-time globally; an enhanced management system was produced to allow clients to securely interact with the Network Box Security Operations Centre using in-the-cloud technology; and Network Box also became the world’s first Managed Security Provider to launch an Apple iPhone application, that allows customers to monitor their IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world.